Guild Meeting Announcement POV

Name:             POV (Point of View)


Date:               11 March 2020


Goals:             To practice the art of writing from different Points of View


Execution:      A topic (or topics) will be given and members will have some time to write in one point of view, (third person)then write the same scene from a different point of view(first person)


Guest:             Anita, Margret, Garvin


Emcee:            Garvin



Requirements: Chairs around tables.


Timetable:      6:30 – 6:32 Welcome new members

6:32 – 6:35 Guild Announcements

6:35 – 7:05 First writing session

7:05 – 7:35 Second writing session

7:35 – 7:50 Discussion

7:50 – 8:00 Clean up


Comments:     POV is an important aspect of writing. Having the reader see the story from different POV’s can enhance the experience for them. That’s just my POV, though.


Mar 11 2020


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


Hamilton Public Library - Terryberry Branch
100 Mohawk Road West Hamilton, ON

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