About Us

Vision: Hamilton, Community of Writers’

Mission Statement: 

We foster, encourage, and promote the development of writers’ in Hamilton, Ontario. Each writer belongs, irrespective of their writing skill. Our programs take the form of workshops peer-review, and opportunities for publishing within a supportive environment. We partner with community organizations to expand the experience of writing.


  • Promote great writing
  • Provide Educational Opportunities
  • Clear the path to writing and publication
  • Support our community

Values: Supportive, collaborative, diverse, inclusive, and encourage.

In early 2017 Professor Barry Gottlieb wrote an article in the Hamilton Mountain Newspaper whereas he felt that writing was a lost art. For this reason, he started the Hamilton Mountain Writers’ Guild for people to understand how to improve their writing. He was pleasantly surprised by the first meeting when 32 people showed up from every age group and diverse background. At present we have approximately 58 faithful writing enthusiasts.

Some are published authors, some are eBook writers, while the rest are writing enthusiasts, but as a group, the main interest was and still is, writing that first sentence and their first page of whatever story they wanted to share with others. After all, that’s been said, isn’t it what writing is all about, sharing ideas, thoughts and aspirations and stories you enjoy reading. Our workshops are designed to allow people to slow down — no keyboards, no email, just pen and paper, and time. Between class sessions, individual group participants can take advantage of one-on-one consultation with a group coordinator or other people in their group.

They learn to write, relax, and reflect on each other and also learn how to get published or self-published. The Hamilton Writing Guild have collaborated, written and published 4 books of short stories in different genres with all proceeds being donated to Neighbour2Neighbour, a non-profit organization serving those in the Hamilton Mountain community.

Everyone in the guild has realized that writing has not become a lost art, but having the chance to write is in itself a dream come true. We have free meetings twice a month on Wednesday evening at Terryberry Library on the mountain from 6:30 P.M. – 8:15 P.M. and all future or present writers are welcome.

We have published 4 books since our inception, which are available for purchase on Amazon. Learn more about our first four published books here.