Restrictions for Anthologies                                                                            

Keep in mind, the Guild is publishing to raise funds for a well-respected Hamilton community organization, we should maintain a high integrity of stories and poems within our publication. The Guild has and will continue to publish content that is family friendly. Guild restrictions: sexual content, profanity and violence.

Amazon Restrictions:

Reserve the right to not sell books with certain content such as pornography, which also include the following examples:

Products that:

  • contain violent or offensive material.
  • promote, incite or glorify hate or violence toward any person or groups.
  • promote or glorify suicide
  • promote or glorify individuals that have been found guilty of violent or sexual crimes
  • promote intolerance based on race, religion and sexual orientation
  • contain racially derogatory language
  • depict child abuse/exploitation
  • depict children or characters resembling children in a sexually suggestive manner
  • contain terrorism and terrorist organizations
  • refer to human tragedies and natural disasters
  • products intended for use by children that contains adult content, profanity and or sexual references
  • products marketed to or targeted at children or teenagers that are age – inappropriate.