Anthology 5

Anthology 5 update – September 17th

Two events for the promotion of Anthology 5 are in the works;

September 20th 7:20 am, CHCH tv Morning Show – Sarah Farr, Coordinator for team 7 will be interviewed about the upcoming Book Launch

September 26th 2:00 pm – Anthology Book Launch live on Facebook. Authors from Anthology 5 are encouraged to participate and please contact Sarah Farr in advance.

Anthology 5 update: September 2021:

Anthology 5 is now available on Amazon in two forms. (E-copy and paperback) To date approximately 35 have been sold.

Anthology update July 2021: 

Anthology 5 is just hours away from being published in eBook and paper form!

Anthology update May 2021:

Anthology five is now in the formatting stage! Thank you to the proofreaders’ group for their excellent effort to ensure consistency for all stories and poems.

Anthology update April 2021:

Book 5 Committee met Friday, April 16th on the topics of word count, formatting, and contents for Anthology 5.

In the past, when guild members met face to face at Terry Berry and in our smaller writing groups, there was immediate communication regarding the parameters of previous anthologies. During the last 12–15 months, the information transfer relied solely upon email.

The Book 5 committee agreed the minimum word count had not been published but was communicated by word of mouth since Anthology 5 was shared, February 2020. Unfortunately, the word count information did not travel equally to all members. We tried our best to be upfront with questions on word count. When a shortfall in word count for Anthology 5 occurred, authors willingly concurred with the minimum requested.

Following a thorough review of the pros and cons of changing the minimum count, it was decided the word count of 2500–3000 would remain. Making such change in the latter stages of completion would be unfair to the authors who have increased their words to meet the minimum, and it would lengthen the completion and publication of Anthology 5.

I encouraged the Book 5 committee to address minimum word count through the lens of the Guild’s mission, goals, and values. Being supportive, inclusive, and making all writers belong emerged. With these standards in mind, I offered the author, whose piece didn’t make the minimum word count, the opportunity to submit their work for Anthology 5.

Building on the experiences of Anthology 5, and for the future, the following recommendations should be considered for Anthology 6.

  1. Write out the minimum and maximum word count in the expectations for the anthology.
  2. Post all scheduled dates and details in a central location (website).
  3. Include the minimum and maximum word count on the intention form the author completes in advance of submissions.

There has been a monumental amount of volunteer work hours put forth by the four members of the proofreading team and the four guild members who initiated the proposal for Anthology 5. There is much to learn about publishing, and our committee aims to put forth a professional product.

Anthology 5 – 2021 schedule

April – Templates sent to the Anthology 5 participants and returned

May – Formatting

June – Final review/changes

July – Upload

Aug. – Dec. – promotion, sales, book readings