Key Dates for Book Six
● Submission of Intent form – Returned by April 30 (Will be Google form sent via email)
● Submission of clean copy approved by writing group – August 24
● Review and Editing – September 1- 30
● Final Revisions – October 1-15
● Proofing of final copy – October 15-25
● Send off for Publication – October 30
An email address for submissions has been set up for submissions:

Book Six Basics
● Cover Page: With your name, title, word count, and genre
● Font: Size 12 / Times New Roman / Double spaced
● Numbers: Spell out zero to nine. For numbers over 10, use the numerical form (11 sailors skipping). Eleven sailors skipping (spell out numbers at the beginning of any sentence)
● Spelling: Canadian English
● Punctuation:
Ellipsis [ . . . ] Add a period with no space at the end of a sentence. Note spaces between the periods.
Em dash [—] rather than parentheses or cut-off dialogue. No spaces before or after.
No spaces in em-dashes: I couldn’t believe it—despite everything that had already
happened—he was refusing to budge.
En dash [–] used to join inclusive numbers or dates [i.e.: pages 9–13 or 1913–95] Hyphen [-] is shorter than en dash. Indicates a compound word or slow, deliberate enunciation
Italics: inner thoughts, unusual words, or for emphasis
Parentheses: used to enclose additional information to explain (as an aside)
Quotation marks: around dialogue, punctuation inside quotations: “Please use curly
quotation marks.”
● Dingus: Use *** to break up portions of the story
● First Line Indent: Do not use a tab or spaces to create a first line indent. If unfamiliar
with how to set up paragraph indents, use the provided template.
● Alignment: Use a fully justified paragraph setting.
When sending in your submission, we will request that you send it both as a PDF and a Word
document. We will be looking to see in the PDF how you envision the formatting, for instance:
use of italics

Book Six Category of Submission