Welcome to Hamilton Mountain Writers’ Guild founded in 2017 by Barry Gottleib. The members of the Guild welcome and assist new and seasoned writers in the Hamilton, Ontario area. The Guild has evolved into a non-profit organization with approximately sixty local writers cared for by a Board of Directors, various sub-committees and writing team leaders.

Hamilton Mountain Writers Guild is an inclusive, welcoming space for authors of all backgrounds, voices, perspectives and experiences. We do not tolerate opinions that exclude based on ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and religion.  Hamilton Mountain Writers Guild maintains a place of dignity, safety, and respect for all writers.  

We are currently not meeting as a Guild.  Our meeting place, the Hamilton Mountain Terryberry Library, is closed to programming due to the covid epidemic.  Our six writing groups meet regularly on zoom or other platforms to workshop and develop writing skills. Please contact one of the writing group leaders found in the Writing Team link above. Local writers are welcome to join!

More information about becoming a member and joining a group can be found here

Note: Members page is only accessible to logged in members & Membership is granted to people who have been to our guild meetings. The Board reserves the right to deny or revoke membership as necessary.

Who’s Who


Professor Barry Gottlieb

Sylvie Gionet

James Ruth

Anita Joldersma

Carmenn Kocznur

Nathaniel Saige

Robecca Austin

Graziela Nequia

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Linda Brown

Karen Wood

Katherine Kobernyk

Laurie Hazel

Neil Chopp
Terry Martens