Writing Teams

We are currently not meeting as a Guild.  Our meeting place, the Hamilton Mountain Terry Berry Library, is closed to programming due to the covid epidemic. 

Our six writing groups meet regularly on zoom or other platforms to workshop and develop writing skills. Please contact one of the writing group coordinators below. 

 If you are not a member but would like to attend a writing team meeting, please email the writing team coordinator. 

Writing Team 1 Coordinator Teresa: teresakarlinski@gmail.com 

Writing Team 2 Coordinator Anita: anitajoldersma@gmail.com 

Writing Team 3 Coordinator Michael:  michaeljwagstaffe@gmail.com

Writing Team 4 Coordinator Christine: rayna55@hotmail.com

Writing Team 5 Coordinator Bob:  bob.nothnagel@gmail.com

Writing Team 6 Coordinator Carmenn: carmennkocznur@gmail.com 

Writing Team 7 Coordinator Barry: professorbarrygottlieb2000@gmail.com

To all members of the Hamilton Mountain Writers’ Guild:

If you cannot attend a meeting please notify your team coordinator so that they can plan for that. Thank you!