Click on the items below to answer all your questions about using the website!

How to create an account
To create an account click on the Register for Membership button on the homepage.
This will take you to the registration page where you can complete the form. Once this is done then your request will be sent to the administrators and your account can be verified.
You will receive an email once your account is verified, and you can then login with the username and password that you set up.

How to get your bio on the homepage
To get your writer’s bio on the homepage you need to email your information along with a photo to
Note: Only members of the Hamilton Mountain Writers’ Guild will be added, if you are not a member please do not send your information as it will be disregarded.

How to edit your member profile
Once you’re logged in you will be redirected to the Members page. In the menu bar you will see PROFILE. Click on it and this will take you to your profile page where you can change your profile photo and cover photo as necessary

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