Podcasting for our future book(s)

In order to understand how podcasts can help audiobook sales, you need to understand that our books appeal to a particular audience: people who wonder what life would be like if normal North American society disrupted. Podcasts are perfectly suited to speak to niche audiences with specific interests. There are tens of thousands of podcasts on everything from birdwatching to javelin throwing to 1980’s heavy metal bands in which I don’t like that type of music. As an added bonus, podcast fans are listeners, making them the perfect audience for our books.

Once I realized that podcasts could be a great venue for promoting our books, I set about figuring out who we should connect nursing, senior, and retirement homes and have Mark Newman of the Hamilton Mountain Newspaper read our book of short stories with/without our writers’ having to be interviewed unless they wanted to be and here’s how I did it…

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Why Should I Write a 2,500 word or 5,000 words or even an 8,000-Word Short Story?

The first thing to ask yourself is why did I join the Hamilton Mountain Writers’ Guild? Did you want to write the next number one book or you wanted to learn how to write? That’s great if you are serious and if that is the truth just ask anyone in your group how they started. I can promise you that 85% of our guild were never published before but they are now! In your own group, you may have an English teacher or someone who is an author or good at proofreading or even editing and formatting. How did they start and the answer is simple by writing and learning how to improve their craft. By attending your group and guild meetings you will advance and maybe make a new friend?

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